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"とのの語り場- convivial seventies-"- has reached 1,000 channel subscribers!

Monday, April 1, 2024 

Our YouTube channel hosted by Shin Open Lab's owner Takahide Nakajima titiled, "とのの語り場- convivial seventies-" has reached 1,000 subscribers.

 It has been five months since the channel started. Just on April 1, the number of channel subscribers exceeded 1,000. We would like to express our gratitude to the young staff members who have been working with us in the production of this channel and to all of you who have been watching it.

 Although I am still inexperienced and not able to express myself as I would like to, I am secretly passionate about doing my best to improve.

 We hope that you will continue to support and cooperate with us as you have in the past in order to take the next step forward!

This video is available on the YouTube channel とのの語り場 -convivial seventies- 【ご報告】70歳からの挑戦!第二弾 (Report】Challenge at age 70! Part 2 )


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