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New video: "【Tea Time Corner】Let's Enjoy Valentine's Day!"

Friday, February 9, 2024 

"【Tea Time Corner】Let's Enjoy Valentine's Day!" was created by Shin Open Lab. . We analyzed the start of the Valentine's Day boom by comparing it with the culture of giving seasonal gifts (Ochugen and Oseibo). We explored the reasons for the shift from the hierarchical relationships of Ochugen and Oseibo, traditions dating back to the Muromachi period, to the horizontal connections that began with Valentine's Day in the 1960s.

Finally, Tono talks about fun ways to spend Valentine's Day for making memorable experiences. This video is available on the YouTube channel とのの語り場 -convivial seventies-

ティータイムコーナー 】バレンタインデイを楽しもう! (【Tea Time Corner】Let's Enjoy Valentine's Day!)


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