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New video: [Watching TBS Drama "Eye Love You"! ~ 채종종협 감사합니다 -Thank you Chae Jong Hyeop]

Updated: Mar 5

Friday, March 1, 2024 

"Watching TBS Drama 'Eye Love You.' ~ 채종종협 감사합니다 - Thank you Chae Jong Hyeop" was filmed at Shin Open Lab. An in-depth look at the popular drama "Eye Love You" starring Fumi Nikaido & Chae Jong Hyeop, which made the top 5 Netflix weekly ranking in Japan and Korea. While reminiscing about Tono's nearly forgotten youth, we delved deeper into the appeal of this romantic comedy about a Korean exchange student and a Japanese woman, from Tono's unique perspective.

Finally, based on this film, which was also highly acclaimed in Korea, Tono discussed what is needed to continue making world-class films in the future.

This video is available on the YouTube channel とのの語り場 -convivial seventies-

TBS系ドラマ『Eye Love You』を見た!~ 채종협 감사합니다 -チェ・ジョンヒョプありがとう- ~ (Watching TBS Drama "Eye Love You"! ~ 채종종협 감사합니다 -Thank you Chae Jong Hyeop)


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