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HOTOKE & ART Exhibition

Apr. 8(sat), 2023  

HOTOKE & ART Exhibition ~悟りとは、人、草木など全ての命に隔たりが無く差をとる事を意味する。~(Satori, there are no barriers between people, plants, and all other life forms.) has started at Shin Open Lab.

Art works by photographer and media producer Naonori Kohira, and art director Fumio Shiozawa are on display.

This exhibition will be held until May 8th. We hope you will be able to visit us. *Please refer to the EVENT page for details and reservations.

Works by Mr. Fumio Shiozawa and Mr. Naonori Kohira are also available on Shin Open Lab ch.

HOTOKE & ART Exhibition works introduction

Works guide


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