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Supporting activities of the Shin Open Lab, focusing on their respective fields of expertise.


Ryo Honda

本田 亮 

Multi-Creator / Director, United Nations WFP Association

Former Dentsu Executive Creative Director
Has worked on a number of campaigns, from "ピッカピカの1年生" (Shogakukan) to "こだまでしょうか?" (AC).
At the same time, has continued to work as an environmental manga artist and held the "エコノザウルスの環境マンガ展" nationwide.
Has received many creative awards, including the Cannes Silver Award as a commercial planner, the ACC Award as a copywriter, the APA Award as a photographer, and the Yomiuri International Manga Award for Excellence as a manga artist.
Currently writing essays for outdoor magazines as a canoeist. 
"サラリーマン転覆隊が行く" (Shogakukan)
“電通を辞める日に絶対に伝えたかった79の仕事の話” (Yamato Shobo)
He is the author of many books, including the photo book "リーフフィッシュ" (Froebel-kan).
He also serves on the board of the United Nations WFP Association.


Tom Sato

トム 佐藤

New business development consultant

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1960.

New business development consultant. Moved to England at the age of 13 and graduated from University of London (astronomy physics major).

After joining Microsoft UK, was in charge of Windows marketing at Microsoft Japan.

Author of the book, "だからアメリカで起業した ( That's why I started my business in America.)"


Shunji  Zaima

財間 俊治

Yamaguchi City Regional Revitalization Supervisor.

Formerly a private developer. Real estate agent + Government cabinet office member and local public servant.
Experienced the economic bubble of the Showa era, the ups and downs after that, the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the 3.11 tsunami, and the townscape of the nuclear power plant evacuation zone. Became independent to work on "town development" from the municipal administrative side.
Currently, Yamaguchi City Regional Revitalization Supervisor.

Hobbies: Reading, walking and running (have participated in ultramarathons and triathlons before spinal stenosis)

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