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Shin Open Lab.  Creating the "chemical reaction"  linking  "共感=co-experience" and  "共創=co-creation".

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Technology + Culture

It has been twenty years since "open Innovation" has been promoted in Japan.
During these years, the Japanese government, universities, and corporations have all been making numerous attempts to create something in the format of open Innovation. Yet, they have not been successful in creating anything revolutionary.

The reason for this lies in the fact that we have separated "共感=co-experience" from the "共創=co-creation " process, and also due to the fact that we have limited the application of open innovation to take place only in the field of science and technology.
It's not that the technologies in question aren't cutting edge, but rather due to the fact that we have been overlooking the process of evoking a "chemical reaction" type-bond between "co-experience" and "co-creation".