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​Location with 1200 years of history,and leading to the future

Shin Open Lab.  Creating the "chemical reaction"  linking  "共感=co-experience" and  "共創=co-creation".

Hamamatsucho, Tokyo



Intersection of culture and technology
Shin Open lab.
Located at Shiba / Hamamatsucho which has been a historical intersection for 1200 years.  

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Shin Open Lab is located close to Shibadaimon Station and Hamamatsucho Station in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Shin Open lab stands between historical locations such as Shiba Daijingu Shrine, which has existed since the Heian period 1,200 years ago, Zojoji Temple, the guardian of Edo, and the smart city special zones of Tokyo Port City Takeshiba and Waters Takeshiba on the sea side.
Shiba Rikyu and Hamarikyu, which are gardens from the Edo period, are also nearby.

Gallery space Ku is a place to hold advanced technology evaluations and cultural events, which try to eliminate the boundaries between analog and digital, technology and art.

It is a place where new chemical reactions of the elements occur.

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Event information being held at Gallery Sora

Shin Open Lab
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