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New video: "Let's Improve the Quality of Japan [Gender inequality]"

Friday, February 16, 2024  "Let's Improve the Quality of Japan [Gender inequality]" was created by Shin Open Lab. Making the "number of Men and women in the Paliament equal" would make an better place for discussion. Eliminating "gender inequality" is the starting point for measures to combat the declining birthrate. The way to solve any problem is to "set issues" based on the truth. What prevents us from setting issues based on the truth is "unconscious beliefs".

Let each one of us stop for a moment and look at things from the viewpoint of "unconscious assumptions".

I shared some hints for this objective.

Please take a look. Also, please leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you.

This video is available on the YouTube channel とのの語り場 -convivial seventies-

日本の品質を良くしていこう 【ジェンダー格差】 (Let's Improve the Quality of Japan [Gender inequality])


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