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Kanako Iso Solo Exhibition "Blooms." Commemorating the establishment of Blooms. Inc.

Kanako Iso's Solo Exhibition 'Blooms.'" was held at Shin Open Lab, from June 10th (Sat) to June 29th (Thursday), commemorating the establishment of Blooms Inc.

A video clip of this event is available on Shin Open Lab ch

Blooms VLOG (【Blooms. 写真展 Vlog.💐】 いそかなこ個展 )

The name "Shin Open Lab" literally means "experiment Lab." In this exhibition, I approached this exhibition as a personal experiment. I worked on fine tuning the smallest details, like the angles and arrangement of the photos, adjusting them along the way. I also experimented with changing scents and music. Each visitor reacted differently to these elements. As the organizer, I had the chance to experience their varied responses during the exhibition period.

I am incredibly grateful for the fantastic location and opportunity provided to me, as well as the various support from the organizers. I aspire to make the most of this experience and grow as a person, making the most from this experience.

Blooms Inc. CEO Kanko Iso

Blooms Inc. HP:


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