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Nouns Art Festival. A new film festival using NounsDAO in the Web3 era / Award ceremony

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Nov. 26 (Sat) 15:00- Location: Shin Open Lab The Nouns Art Festival award ceremony will be held at Shin Open Lab. Nouns Art Festival (Nouns Fes) is an online art festival created by members of NounsDAO with the aim of letting as many people as possible know the importance of a peaceful and sustainable earth.

NounsArtFestival2022 nomination voting page (2022/Nov/12 - 2022/Nov/18)

<Award Ceremony Schedule> ・14:30: Venue open ・15:00: Opening Ceremony-Greetings ・15:10: Announcement of nominated works ・16:00: Talk. Satoshi Nakajima x Manabu Tsukada, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, Director of Shin Open Lab ・17:00: Announcement of Award-Winning Works/Award Ceremony ・17:30: Closing ceremony ・18:00: Social gathering


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