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Panel Discussion organized by GUTP SDGs WG was held

Friday, July 14, 2023 

A panel discussion organized by the SDGs WG of the University of Tokyo Green ICT Project (GUTP) was held at Shin Open Lab.

The SDGs WG invites people who are engaged in various research activities on each of the SDG themes, and aims to contribute to the creation of new business models and the promotion of environmental education by connecting the dissemination of information with familiar initiatives.

As the first event of these activities, a panel discussion was held on the theme of "SDG s14: Let's Protect the Abundance of the Sea," inviting Mr. Eiji Masunaga of Ibaraki University and Mr. Kaito Miyazawa, a nature photographer.

A video clip of this event is available on Shin Open Lab ch Todai Green ICT Project ~Panel Discussion hosted by SDGs WG~ [SDGs14 Let's protect the abundance of oceans]


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