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SDGs x Humor Exhibition Talk Event "What Can Art Do?"

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Mar. 4(Sat), 2023

Shin Open Lab held a SDGS talk event in conjunction with the ongoing "SDGs x Humor Exhibition Ryo Honda -Let's have fun learning about the problems facing the Earth today."

Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media Artistic Director Daiya Aida, Yamaguchi City Regional Revitalization Supervisor Toshiharu Zaima, photojournalist Naonori Kohira, and lab organizer Takahide Nakajima had a disucussion on the topic of "What can art do".

A video clip of this event is available on Shin Open Lab ch

アートで何ができるか | "What can art do" part1

アートで何ができるか 後編 | "What can art do" part2


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